Cassie Laundrie: did she lie? UPDATE

More words, more revealed

Earlier I looked at a video of Brian Laudrie’s sister, Cassie. As I say in the article, I based my observations on the video I was sent.

I’ve since seen another version of the interview which sheds light on a couple of questions I had. This adds quite a bit of context to what was going on and it doesn’t put Cassie in any better light.

Let’s break it down

The contentious part of the interview is Cassie saying, “That I haven’t been able to talk to him. I wish I could talk to him”, when it has since emerged she had seen him since Gabby went missing. I said in my original article that we didn’t know the question that elicited this answer making it hard to judge her truthfulness.

We can now see the question is “what is kinda, as his sister, the oddest thing to you about all of this?

To which Cassie replies “That I haven’t been able to talk to him. I wish I could talk to him.

Come on Cassie. A woman you knew very well is missing, your brother is saying nothing, your family is under fire in a national news story and the oddest thing is you’re unable to talk to your brother?

This implies a degree of self-centredness, a lack of empathy and backs up the feeling that the Laundrie family is protecting and deflecting.

It also shows that Brian not talking is a sensitive issue for Cassie, either she’s very glad he’s staying quiet or she’s aggrieved by his tacit behaviour. Whatever the reason, she’s keen to lead with the fact that Brian is saying nothing. Or maybe she wants to makes sure the impression is out there than Brian is saying nothing.

Overall this answer is a move to “safer ground”. The question is obviously about the unexplained disappearance of her brother’s girlfriend. At time there were a lot of odd things being noticed. Instead of dealing with something mysterious, unexplained or odd Cassie refuses to talk about the crux of the matter, that a girl is missing, that her brother is behaving strangely. Instead she moves to safe ground, something that isn’t threatening and potentially something she wants to make sure people know namely - Cassie’s brother isn’t talking.

Not inaudible any more

From the original video, I marked one question as inaudible. It’s now clear the question asked was “he just doesn’t want to say anything then or…?” To which Cassie replies “I..I.. know it’s all because the lawyers advising them not to say anything..I… I… “

I broke down my interpretation of that answer in my original articles but here we can see it’s not a direct reply to the question. It’s a yes or no question and instead Cassie tells us what she knows.

Does this help us find the truth? Yes. If Brian wanted to say something but the lawyers won’t let him we’d expect her answer to be “yes, he wants to talk but the lawyers have advised him not to”. This is the impression Cassie wants us to have but she doesn’t say the words. Therefore the truthful answer is, “no, Brian doesn’t want to say anything”.

Also, the “he” in the question shows us that it is Brian that is being asked about, Cassie answers about “them” which makes her answer further removed from the question.

When asked about her brother’s silence Cassie says “it’s all because the lawyers”. The addition of the word all suggests there’s more issues being caused by the lawyers than just Brian’s silence. Or she is deflecting, her implication being “look I know you’re all suspicious of us but that is because of the lawyers advice, not our actions”.


I’ll stand by my original conclusions but the extra information here shows Cassie is avoiding dealing head-on with the disappearance of Gabby and her brother’s silence.