Never A Truer Word


The words we use say more than we ever mean them to. By looking closely at what is said and how it is said we can uncover what is really going on with people and situations.

Here we look at some of the words being used by those in the news to see what extra insights we can get.

From the words alone we can look at the person who has written them, are they being deceptive? What is it they are truly saying?

If you’ve got something you’d like to cover then get in touch using this link.

Going Deeper

I’m available to talk on podcasts if there are specific words, statements, transcriptions or interviews you’d like to discuss.

If you’ve got a situation going on where you want to know what someone is really saying, if they’re lying to you, what their plans are… even who they are. Get in touch using this link.

Get involved

I love to get comments on the articles I post. I welcome all observations, questions or disagreement. There is just one rule, be kind. Any post that is unkind will be deleted. Be warned though, your unkind words may be analysed.

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