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The bio on my social channels reads “Lie Detector, Truth Detector”. Big words, but can I back it up?

Here on Substack, on YouTube and on podcasts, I use a system called Truthful Detection to analyse the words people use to see if I can work out if they’re lying, honest or being deceptive.

Let’s look at the hits..

Lie Detecting

When 2-year-old Navaeh Allen went missing, her mother spoke to local TV. I said the mother’s words concerned me and she knew more about what had happened to her daughter than she was saying. Shortly afterwards, she was charged with her murder.

Never A Truer Word
Missing Navaeh Allen: what does the mother know?
At the time of writing 2 year old Navaeh Allen is missing from Baton Rouge. Her stepdad has been arrested by police. Her mother, Lanaya Cardwell gave this interview to local reporters…
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I looked at an online spat between two UK celebrities that was due to go to court and noted of Rebekah Vardy: “There is only a very qualified denial. The deflection and logic displayed is weak, if this is the best she can offer while being truthful, we have to ask why”. Vardy lost the court case.

Never A Truer Word
Wagatha Christie: Vardy vs Rooney, their words analysed
This week in the UK, we’re expecting to see an eagerly awaited court case, Vardy vs Rooney. It’s a libel trial centred around two high-profile women and centres on some words posted on social media. The court will decide the truth, but what can we tell from the words they both used at the very start, way back in 2019…
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In sport, a Formula 1 team boss gave what looked like a firm denial that his team had broken the rules. Except, when you analysed his words, he didn’t say that and a few weeks later it was revealed his team had broken the rules.

Truth Detecting

Truth detecting is just as important as lie detecting. With a bit of analysis, it’s clear to see the innocent people caught in the headlines.

A reader spotted two parents of a missing boy giving an interview to TV. They asked if the parents were lying or being honest. I said, “this appears to be truthful”. Shortly afterwards, their son was found, and a man arrested.

Never A Truer Word
Blaise Barnett: Parent's interview
I’ve been asked to look at a video of the parents of Blaise Barnett speaking about the disappearance of their son…
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Here’s a woman telling the story of how she was viciously attacked. I analysed her words and found them truthful. The next day, a man was arrested in connection with the incident.

Never A Truer Word
Beaten by a stranger: true or false?
Here’s a story from a local paper which contains some great examples of language in use and how we can detect or rule out deception. It also shows how to uncover what isn’t being said. Have a read on this link and then read on for the analysis…
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Megan Thee Stallion spoke about the night Tory Lanez shot her. I said, “Was Megan shot at by Tory Lanez? Yes”. Months later he was found guilty of the crime.

Never A Truer Word
Did Tory Lanez shoot Megan Thee Stallion? The answer is in her words
“People are still questioning Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting story” says a headline I read. People who’ve seen the story are divided over what they think happened…
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During the Idaho homicides investigation, a neighbour of the victims gave a few interviews and generated online heat for appearing “dodgy”. My analysis of his words concluded he may be strange, but not a mass murderer.

Also around the story of the Idaho Four murders, the taxi driver who took the victims home gave an anonymous interview, which got some people asking questions. I concluded he wasn’t hiding any guilty knowledge.

Subsequent events around the Idaho murders show that both men were fully innocent.

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