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I don’t know what could have happened, I don’t know what went wrong, I wish I coulda stayed at home from work I.. I don’t know I wish… I don’t know. That’s all I know.

Everything stated in the negative is significant. She says 4 times that she doesn't know. Concerning. Ending with a "that's all", which is an ending statement, as in: That's all, now go away.

This morning i woke up, me and Navaeh went to the store, I had to be at work for (pause) 8.15. I brung her to the corner store with me, I got her some snacks,, some apple juice.

Maybe she is trying to portray herself as a good mother, but that fails miserably. A good mother does not go to the store in the morning to buy snacks for breakfast. She has bought breakfast before the day.

The last time I seen my baby was before I went to work when I got dropped off … and that’s all…

Again, that's all. But the most concerning thing is what is missing. By her account, the last person who saw her daughter was her boyfriend (husband, baby-daddy...) So her focus should be on HIM. She should talk about him and what his explanation was. But she doesn't. He does not appear in her narrative as a person of interest, questioning his involvement. But he should!

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