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12 Days to Epiphany: Day 7 - The Man Who Doesn't Know

12 Days to Epiphany: Day 6 - Kiely Rodni and the So-Called Best Friend

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12 Days to Epiphany: Day 4 - The Cycling Murder Mystery

12 Days to Epiphany: Day 3 - Amber Heard Revisited

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Fancy a Christmas crash course in analysing statements?

Fat Shamed? There are two sides to every story

Boy George talks about being jailed. What does it reveal about him as a person?

Conor Benn: Did he deliberately dope?

Detecting Deception with the help of Formula One

Could we have known the fraudulent Trump supporter was a liar?

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The Words of West Cork Podcast

The Words Of West Cork: Episode One

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The Words Of West Cork: Episode Three

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Raymond Carroll - Wrongly Accused or Just Wrong?

Missing Kiely Rodni - what's her friend Sami Smith hiding?

Put your BS detector to the test with this Twitter thread

Shana DiMambro: What does her husband, Chris Antos, know?

Shana DiMambro, what’s her husband, Chris Antos, hiding?

Online reviews - can you tell the lies from the truth?

The murder of Jared Bridegan - is Shanna Gardner telling the truth? Her words analysed.

Car crash MP: were his words credible?

The 8 Words That Liars Use

Brian Laundrie’s Confession - what it really reveals

Air Canada confusion - are the passengers lying?

Amber Heard, the truth will always come out

Tokata Iron Eyes and Ezra Miller - brainwashed?

The Kaitlin Armstrong Case: boyfriend's statement reveals a lot

Depp vs Heard TikTok Juror - are they genuine?

Tom Cruise viral video - how to avoid a touchy subject

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Megan Thee Stallion reveals the nature of her relationship with Tory Lanez

Amber Heard's TMZ testimony demonstrates how not to answer questions

Did Tory Lanez shoot Megan Thee Stallion? The answer is in her words

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard analysis. Who is telling the truth?

Wagatha Christie: Vardy vs Rooney, their words analysed

Train hate crime: what really happened?

Drink Spiking - is this story true or false?

The words of the guilty - Part four: Ian Huntley

The words of the guilty - part three: Stuart Hazell

Quick thoughts on Amir Khan's tweet

The words of the guilty - Part two: more Karen Matthews

Coweta County Gun Range Shooting: Questions over the 911 call

The words of the guilty - Part one: Karen Matthews

Deception Hacks 2: Liars regularly use these two words

The wife of a killer: did she know what he was capable of?

David Warburton: Are his family shocked?

Will Smith's Apology: Do his words say he's genuinely sorry?

Lips Don't Lie? Part two: what's really going on

Lips Don't Lie? Learn how to spot deception in words

Truth or lies in court? Analysing testimony.

Only Fans stories: a happy life?

Jussie Smollett: I haven't told the truth

Jussie Smollett: Evidence and Evasion

Jussie Smollett: Spotting his lies, and his truths

Spiked? Or simply drunk?

Captain Tom Foundation: Hannah Ingram-Moore speaks. But is it credible?

Jobfished: How to avoid lying at all costs

Decoding dating profiles - what is really being said?

Sport doping denial: Is Toon Aerts convincing or deceptive?

Kicked off a flight for having a nut allergy?

How to tell if a dating profile is truth or lies

Adults Only: The long-lasting sex toy

Nadine Dorries' Masterclass in Deception

I'd like to say a quick word about pronouns

The footballer's denial - convincing?

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Steven Avery: Guilty Language

Deception Hacks: Five words that indicate you're being lied to

One-Star Restaurant Review - Genuine?

Louise Woodward Part Four: The Fallout

Louise Woodward Part Three: The Day

Louise Woodward Part Two: First Impressions

Louise Woodward Part One: The 911 call

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